China grass pudding recipe | Vanilla chocolate pudding recipe

  • This is a delicious pudding which has both china grass  and vanilla taste. I made to set  in a bowl, but you can make it in tiny cups for parties. The pudding is so creamy and refreshing. 

 I find this Vanilla Chocolate Pudding very gorgeous to look at. I love the colors and textures. . It is, in fact, a  very easy no bake dessert recipe that you can make ahead and serve at a party. I love vanilla because of 
subtle taste and you can use vanilla in almost everything. I was very tempted to do a Vanilla Pudding Trifle today but then I thought can anything beat the vanilla and chocolate combination – no right? Hence, here is me enjoying a Vanilla Chocolate Pudding, and I would like to call it Vanilla Chocolate Pudding. That name sounds cool right?
Vanilla and chocolate pudding recipe with step by step method. 

Wash and soak china grass for 20minutes.cook on a medium flame until the grains of China grass dissolves
Add boiled milk to the china grass keeping on stove to curdle the milk.
Add lemon juice to curdle the milk.
The milk must curdle as shown in the picture. Leave it to cool and refrigerate for an hour. 
China grass is all set in the refrigerator. Transfer the china grass In a blender add vanilla essence, condensed milk blend to a smooth andcreamy texture. Serve in a bowl with a chocolate sauce on top.

Ingredients :

  • Boiled milk 2 1/2 cups
  • China grass/ Agar Agar 10 gm
  • Condensed milk 1/2 cups 
  • Sugar 5 tsp
  • Vanilla essence 2 tsp
  • Lemon juice 1 tsp
  • Chocolate syrup or chocolate  for sauce 


  • Wash the Agar Agar. Soak in a little water keep a side. 
  • Boil half litre of milk on low flame. Reduce it to 2 cups. 
  • Heat the Agar Agar till the grains melts. Pour the milk direct in the china grass to curdle. 
  • If the milk is not curdling then add lemon juice to curdle the milk. Remove it from the flame. 
  • Pop it in refrigerator for an hour. 
  • Transfer the china grass to a blender add vanilla essence, condensed milk blend to a  smooth and creamy texture. 
  • TIP 1:
  • You can grate the chocolates on top of the pudding. Or use the ready made chocolate syrup easily available in the market. 
  • TIP 2:
  • Melt the chocolate cubes in a double boiler or in a microwave add some milk pour the syrup on top. 
  • TIP 3:
  • You can set the pudding in a glass or cups by adding gelatin to the chocolate syrup for a good combination of vanilla and chocolate dessert. 

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