World Food Day 2021


The theme this year is “Our actions are our future. Better production, better nutrition, better environment and a better life”.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways that cooking may be made more sustainable on World Food Day. A simple step can go a long way, Here are some helpful hints for cooking and serving food.

Sustainable cooking :

In terms of cooking, If we want to make our meals more sustainably, we must reduce the amount of electricity and gas, we use that in excess as we do not require. Also, because water is limited, people should refrain from overfilling their pans. Starting with a tiny amount of water and adding more as needed is more effective. When making something sweet, use natural sugars like honey, maple syrup,. It’s also crucial not to waste food – check the fridge for food that’s about to expire, cook just what you’ll eat, reuse leftovers, freeze fruits rather than letting them rot, and buy intelligently – only what we know we’ll eat.

“Since I was born into a culture where we should finish what is on our plate as a sign that we have been fed enough, I do tend to put too much food on the plate. Nevertheless, if I were invited somewhere and I put little food on my plate, it would be considered a sign of disliking the food.”

According to Islam,

“It is not acceptable in Islam to waste food as Allah forbade Muslims to do so.”

Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) hadith s (sayings): “No man fills a container worse than his stomach. A few morsels that keep his back upright are sufficient for him. If he has to, then he should keep one-third for food, one-third for drink and one-third for his breathing”

World Food Day:

One third of the food produced world wide are wasted.

According to a study, many hungry people live in countries with food surpluses , not food shortage.

More than 525 million people live in Asia,while more than a quarter live in Sub Sahara Africa.

The world produces enough food to feed everyone, yet 800 million people suffer from hunger.That is one on nine people.60% of them are women.

Fresh raw materials over processed food:

Processed foods have a longer manufacturing procedure. This process emits carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. Fresh food, on the other hand, is nutrient-dense and beneficial to the body, mind, and environment.

Food should not be thrown away. Make something tasty with leftover ingredients. Keep track of the perishable foods in your kitchen as well. This manner, you can cut down on kitchen waste while still making the most out of what nature has to offer.

Recycle leftover:

Do not waste food. Use leftover ingredients to rustle up something nice. Also, keep a track of the perishable food items in your kitchen. This way, you reduce kitchen waste and make the most of nature’s produce.

“In general, we should try to mini mise wastage of food as much as we can.”

Eat in Small Plates:

Small plates is a manner of dining that became popular. Small plates may either refer to small dishes resembling appetizers which are ordered and often shared, such as small portion of side dish, small portion of main meal, or to the small courses served as part of a more formal meal.

“Also, by putting too much food on our plate, we are harming ourselves and the society because we are wasting food. By putting the required amount, we will benefit ourselves.

World food day 2021 is marked as a second time while countries around the world deal with the wide spread effects of the global Covid 19 pandemic, its time to look into the future we need to build together.


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